Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's coming to the end....

Things are starting to come to and end. This will be the last week for blog comments and sketchbook/blog updates. Might I suggest the following:

1. Make a comment on a fellow classmates blog. Don't click on any of the other comments that read, click here. They are all viruses. I sent an email to the blogspot people to find out why that is happening. It's a major bummer.

2. Bring some closure to your blog. Perhaps you could link it back to the AP website so that people who visit can see all your work together. Here is the link

Please do not delete your blog. I will be using them in a presentation at the National Art Conference next year! People are very excited about what we have done this year.

3. Bring a senior picture for Ms. McB

4. Tuesday we will work on the Central Asia Institute images. Your cubby needs to be cleaned out and you need to return your packet of love. It should include 10 paintbrushes, 6 pencils, a white eraser, a white palette, other stuff I can't remember. If you've lost it or don't have all the parts you will be charged. The packet in it's entirety is worth $40.00. You will have to pay this before you can graduate.

5. Thursday I should have all the websites updated and we will evaluate each others work.

6. That will leave us with two class periods. One of which we will write a letter to a future AP Art Studio student. I figure out what we are going to do with the rest of the time. We can finish the paintings or clean the room, inventory... I'm sure we will come up with something.


Christy Sotta said...

I can't believe we're almost done! I am now sad. :(

lhsap2MichaelA said...

next year's students should put down a deposit for their "packet of love." i think it would give them more incentive to keep every little item inside the bag.

monica said...

my packet of love is dead
and i don't remember having a palette?

lhsapKatieS said...

I have so much left to do! it doesn't even feel like the end