Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's your Score?

The AP Scores are rolling in.... what's your score? Have questions about the score you received or want to know what others got, let us know! Congrats to all of you.


lhsap2AmandaH said...

i got a 3 :)

sorry i missed your call, i was at the oregon country fair all weekend. colorado was a dream, best experience of my life. i miss everyone there so much already. i made a lot of art while i was there, but i have yet to get back into the grove since i've been home. hopefully ill be taking some art classes soon.

life is great. hope yours is as well. i miss you soooo much!!

lhsap2ChristineB said...

hey!! don't worry i didn't forget about the photos for the belly dancers and just needed a way to get them to you if you still want them/ think they do. i got a 4 by the way on my portfolio and it seems so odd to me that all the stuff we sent off comes back in a single digit number, just flat, but that's fine. hope you're having a good summer!!

shelby said...

Hey McBride! I am finished with your chicken but can't find your phone number, so you've gotta call me. Anyway, in keeping with this topic, I got a five !! I was so excited. :) see you later.